Easy Way Cattle Oiler, Saver

Easy Way Cattle Saver

provides an efficient cost effective way to control all types of parasites such as flies, lice, ticks, mites, mosquitoes and more.

  • Heavy Duty Construction will provide you with years of use.
  • Mineral Feeder is placed between the three legs to draw the cattle under the face curtain.
  • The chemical is wick fed to the curtain from the tank above the curtains.
  • The chain scratcher has a heavy duty dacron roll in the center is wick fed by the 5 gallon supply tank above it.
  • No pumps needed to distribute the chemical from any of the supply points.
  • A walkway that can use either a mop curtain or the regular curtain.
  • Very low maintaince oilers with no moving parts.

I sell the chemical that can be mixed with a petroleum base or a water base to help with your parasite demand.

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Easy Way Mineral Feeder

with Face Fly Fighter

Will keep the salt & minerals dry, help control pests, the spread of pink eye and other diseases.

Place in your pasture or lot for your cows and calves. The wick feed Face Fly Fighter curtain works to control flies, lice, ticks, and Mosquitoes


The tub and tank are made of high density poly and will withstand extreme heat or sub-zero temperatures.

The Easy Way Mineral Feeder is available in two styles.